We are Apptitude – team of developers and designers dedicated to helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations create game-changing smartphone apps and integrated websites. With an emphasis on design, performance, and usability, we can help turn your mobile ideas into a reality through our unique approach to development and design that’s closer to art than math.


Apptitude’s dedicated team works to keep you updated as your project moves through the development process. Our signature Live Mockup of your app displays right on your device so you’ll never have to wonder what your app is going to look like when it’s published.
The ride doesn’t stop there! With our new hosting and integrated analytics dashboards, we take your project beyond the initial launch for a lifetime of support and dedication to your brand’s online goals. Check out our great monthly rates for hosting and insights.

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We work hard to place equal emphasis on the inner workings of the code and the outer look and feel of your design. No more guesswork, no more wondering how the app will look when it’s on your device. You’ll be able to see just what you’re getting every step of the way.
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The Difference

In addition to a decade’s worth of experience creating websites and apps for some of the biggest names in the industry, there are lots of things that make working with Apptitude unique and enjoyable. We emphasize agility over rigid technical specifications, flat quotes over hourly rates, and a fun, friendly relationship with our customers that is unmatched in the industry.